Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness, the musical, is a political satire piece based on the 1936 propaganda film of the same name. It exacerbates various ridiculous notions of what could happen when clean-cut kids fall prey to a new "deadly" drug menace, marijuana. Presented as a "show within a show", the community is welcomed to witness a dramatic re-enactment of "true" events and left exploited by propaganda's greatest tool: fear. And how are these themes still relevant today?


Jonathan Vanderzon - Lecturer

Cathal Rynne - Jimmy

Casey Marie Ecker - Mary Lane

Joel Bernstein - Jack

Caitlin Hawes - Mae

Erin Yardley Jones - Sally

Joseph Salvatore Vitale - Ralph

Julie d'Entremont - Ensemble

Maya Lewis - Ensemble

Dylan Stanley - Ensemble

Eric Von Arx - Ensemble

Caeleigh McDonald - Ensemble

Gabrielle Daplé - Ensemble



Ally Brumer - Producer

Debbie Friedmann - Director & Choreographer

Miles Keily-Baxter - Technical Director

Tyson Fraleigh - Production Manager

Giancarlo Scalia - Musical Director

Emily Tilson - Stage Manager

Christopher Wardell - Lighting, Projection & Special FX Designer

Leo Chupin - Set & Props Designer and Hair & Makeup Designer

Keren Amiga - Costume Designer

Phoenix Bradley - Assistant Stage Manager

Laura Rossiter - Assistant Stage Manager

Noah Century - Assistant Musical Director

Geri Perez - Assistant Scenic Designer

Meagan Schroeder - Intimacy Director

Edith Cardinal - Assistant Choreographer

Content Warning: The musical addresses themes of substance abuse, sexuality, and violence. It contains scenes of simulated drug usage and violence, sexual acts, and disparaging remarks about religion that some may find offensive.

Effects Warning This production utilizes haze and strobe lighting effects. Please find a Contact representative if this is of concern to you and we would be happy to assist.

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