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Holding Waterways

kalianore productions

Holding Waterways is a poetic, visual and musical journey that explores Daughter’s decisions, regrets and expectations. Her life is intricately linked to her relationship with Mother. Her emotions funnel into a fluid state and she questions: “What is self-acceptance?” Like waterways held in her palms, the answer flows.

Poet & Director : Christine ML Lee

Production Mentor: Trevor Barrette

Creative Consultant: Debora Friedmann

Dramaturg: Kateryn L. McReynolds

On demand

World Premiere




Instagram: @kris.mllee

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Avertissement : Veuillez noter que même si l’heure du spectacle est indiquée comme étant 11 h 59, il s’agit toutefois d’un spectacle diffusé en ligne, et donc accessible à tout moment après l’achat !

Disclaimer: Please note that while the time of the show is labelled as 11:59, however this is an on demand show, it can be accessed at any time after purchase!

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