Théâtre / Theatre, Terreur / Horror


The Malicious Basement

“Wretch” is a horror play inspired by the works of Sarah Kane and the Theatre of Cruelty. It’s about the slow erosion of boundaries in the face of the “new normal.”1 wishes to learn, 2 wishes to teach, and Mother Bliss keeps them together, with touch, rope and anguish.

Cast: Jordan Prentice, Lila Bata-Walsh and Jacqueline Van De Geer

Playwright: Xander Barth

Director: Marissa Blair

Designers: Elizabeth Nyveen and Marissa Blair

Other Collaborators: Mel Pickering

On demand


Instagram: @the_malicious_basement_company

Twitter: @The_M_Basement

#Wretchplay #themaliciousbasement

Avertissement : Veuillez noter que même si l’heure du spectacle est indiquée comme étant 11 h 59, il s’agit toutefois d’un spectacle diffusé en ligne, et donc accessible à tout moment après l’achat !

Disclaimer: Please note that while the time of the show is labelled as 11:59, however this is an on demand show, it can be accessed at any time after purchase!

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