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Here Be Dragons

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Sixteen years after her kingdom was invaded by three evil witches, a princess seeks out an enchanted sword that may help her save her people. Accompanied by a foppish bard and a stubborn mercenary, Princess Thea faces many trials and obstacles on her quest to defeat the wicked sisters Morgana, Morgaine, and Morgause. The path will not be easy, and she must travel to the most dangerous reaches of the kingdom – areas marked on her map with a warning: Here Be Dragons.

Directed by Steven Greenwood

Produced by Cheyenne Cranston

Stage Managed by Emily Stuchbery

Designs by Lucas Amato and Christopher Wardell


Lucas Amato

Joel Bernstein

Natalie Demmon

Camila Fitzgibbon

Gretel Kahn

Maya Lewis

Darragh Mondoux


Latecomers throughout



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